The fields of activity of GAMA Holding’s Public-Private Partnership investments cover both domestic and overseas transportation, hospital and other PPP projects. Within this scope, tenders for the Izmir Bayraklı and Kocaeli Integrated Health Campus, which were introduced by the Health Investment General Directorate of the Ministry of Health as the first examples of the Public Private Partnership – PPP System, were entrusted in 2012 and the project agreements were signed in 2014.

The ongoing Izmir Bayraklı (with 2060 beds) and Kocaeli (with 1180 beds) hospital projects are among the top 5 largest hospitals in Turkey out of the 33 that are under construction. Within the framework of the agreements, hospitals will be operated by the investor partnership for 25 years following the turnkey delivery. The total investment cost of the two hospitals is approximately 1.2 billion Euros.

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